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I Inherited a Monster! Managing a Difficult Personality

At some point in your career, odds are you will find yourself having to manage someone who doesn’t perform well, is diff

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Business Etiquette: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Good manners aren’t just for grandma! In this session, learn how to put your best foot forward by using simple business

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Training, Facilitation, and Coaching

Training is an investment. But not all training is created equal. And in today’s business world, where there are so many

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“What Do You Think?” – Collaborative Decision Making

Nobody wants to work for a dictator! Gaining consensus from your team members and colleagues increases employee engageme

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Communication: The Key to a Happier, Healthier Workplace

Active listening is an acquired skill, and so are empathy and compassion. Since we spend 40+ hours a week with our colle

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Time Management 101

It’s so easy to get off-track these days. Are endless emails and meetings keeping you from getting to your “real job?” D

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Data, Data and More Data! Analytical Problem Solving

Measurable results – social media engagement, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, new points of distribution and

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Relationships & Community Building – Network Like a Pro!

Networking today is so much more than the sum of your LinkedIn connections. It’s now an essential part of promotions, pr

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Where’s the Cheese? Leading Change with Finesse

Sometimes, even the smallest changes can upset the apple cart in your workplace. Implementing sweeping changes can certa

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Drive! Discover What Motivates Your Team

Money isn’t the chief motivator for most team members. In this session, discover what IS a motivator and how you can use

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The Art of the Meeting: Productive and Inspiring Meetings

How many long meetings have you sat through where nothing was decided and even less was accomplished as you helplessly w

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Messages and Miscommunication – Advanced Writing Skills

Even if you aren’t the next Hemingway, your customers and colleagues still expect and deserve a level of clarity, profes

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