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Our team consists of leadership and business performance strategists who are proficient in customized training, facilitation and executive coaching. We bring real-world experience to the table and know how to make a difference with our clients.
We'd enjoy the chance to meet and work with you.

Blake Woolsey
Senior Vice President

Blake leads the Center and is one of the top corporate coaches and trainers in the nation. She has a strong background in development, communications and public relations.

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Gina Miller
Vice President

Gina brings more than 25 years of experience to The Center, where she calls on her expertise in organizational development, talent management, instructional design and human resources.

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Tommye Johnson
Senior Trainer

Tommye is the project manager for R², a proprietary culture training program developed by The Center. She also conducts media, social and dining etiquette, presentation and communications trainings.

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